fits like a glove. funny that, because it’s a hat.

Here at Great Outdoors, we do our very best to make sure what you buy fits as best as possible. Our staff will sometimes not sell someone something because the specific fit isn’t good enough. Our boot department is recognized in Ireland and overseas as one of the best. We have won various boot fitting awards over the years.

As you traverse the world on your great adventure, you don’t want the trek pants to chafe.
As you get half way through the swim section of your triathlon, you don’t want to notice how tight the wetsuit is.
As you finally start to descend from 3000 metres, you want to know there’s enough room in the toe-box of your plastics.

Now it’s all well and good buying stuff on the internet and we offer these size guides as a guide rather than definitive “fit” information. All of the brands we stock adhere to their own style of sizing. What The North Face labels as a Medium might be different from what Columbia labels a Medium. If you are concerned that the guide isn’t accurate enough, drop us a line and we’ll do our very best to make sure we get the best fit possible to you. Internet customers also get 21 days from delivery to change their mind on full priced goods, you know, to make it easier to sort out unsuitably sized goods.

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